Power Model Photo Shoot in Sacramento

Experienced and Inexperienced models alike will establish Sacramento as the next area for rising talent to be discovered! RSVP for this studio shoot in Sacramento on Sunday February 12th from 9am - 12pm sharp! Bring any Sacramento themed outfits or…
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Fitness Marketing Quote

Marketing A Fitness and Boxing Trainer

I pulled the report this month for Ntense Fitness and Boxing in Charlotte, North Carolina! The accounts are growing nicely but as usual they could always use some improvements. After pulling the report I discovered that the personal facebook account…
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Sam Gunderson

The Patriot Photo Shoot with Sacramento model Samantha Gunderson

Had an amazing weekend this weekend with photographer Ken Shames and Sacramento's stunning power model Samantha Gunderson. I had never met Ken before and Samantha I have worked with a couple times. I showed up to Ken's studio after chatting…
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