Episode of The Pat Riot Show explaining what we are doing out of The Station

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Pat: “Hello America this is the patriot Pat at the station at 1100 Orlando Ave. in Roseville California. I’m here with Ben Guzman from Stunning Promotions. My life is a riot and I’m a patriot this is Father’s Day at the station trying to unite America to the point of peace and health. We need to get well. The only way we can do that is to really unite.

We have a lot of systems and programs for helping each other here at United Citizens for America. We are looking for interested people who are patriots. If you’re not out to kill America or Americans than you are welcome. We are getting ready to launch the website which will help us unite together.

This group is based on a group conscious similar to a 12 step program. That’s basically where I got the idea from. The groups would be run through all of America similar to the way the 12 step program works. There’s a central office and meeting groups around the United States that could meet and help each other out and start implementing these systems for America that have been worked hard on by a lot of people including myself.

There’s a lot of groups out there we are working with like American Homeless Veterans (www.americanhomelessveterans.com) we are working with them to help them get donations.

My new mascot reminded me of this thing I heard the other day which is the DNC you wants their classes over our eyes. But we want to have an American lens not to the classes they’re trying to stick on our face to see it their way which is really satanic at the top with the pedophiles trying to run the world. So to survive the changing times coming to America they would be very wise to unite as a people in our country.

Check out the station 1100 Orlando Ave. the bar and restaurant will be open very soon. You can see clips of the freedom house band and the Pat right show which is basically produce mainly by stunning promotions Mr. Ben Guzman who is also a hard worker. He designs web pages and markets their business. I have to tell them to slow down he gets there so much work it’s crazy. It’s amazing with the guy can do on the computer, he’s amazing. I’m very grateful to have friends and associates and fellow Americans to fellowship with and work with here at the station 1100 Orlando Ave., Roseville, CA.”

Ben: “I was just going to give an introduction to Pat Riot and the Pat Riot show and United Citizens for America and everything that we’re doing here at 1100 Orlando Ave. I’ve been hanging out with Pat spending a lot of time together and hearing a lot of stories from Pat and I’ve been working on a short journey with him and I’ve heard a lot about his journey all together in his history and where he comes from and the things that he’s been through that lead him to be passionate about the things that he’s doing right now.

So, we are here at 1100 Orlando Avenue producing some shows and talent networking mixers. We are also going to reopen this venue to the public shortly. We will continue to produce the shows and networking mixer every Sunday.

We are connecting with all the entrepreneurs in the area, all of the musicians, investors realtors and real estate professionals and any business professional or anyone that we find to be particularly inspiring.

We are inviting everyone to come in a lot of times we have photo shoots on site and we can do interviews and distribute the content across multiple websites and social media accounts. We have a lot of high-quality services to offer to others for FREE we are here pretty much every Sunday producing and networking with other professionals in the area.

We can unite through United citizens of America and put together a community of activist and producers in our area that love our country. I wanted to get some story from you Pat about what you’ve gone through and why you in particular but some of the aspects are that you envision for United Citizens For America.

Pat: “Well what you got sitting here, brother, is a miracle. I should not be alive. I actually did die once my wife brought me back to life. And I’ve got three years of not having to fight the disease Hepititus C.

So, I am American sitting here and also when I first came to California which was in 1982 I said, “please God help me!” I haven’t had I drink for 35 years now and I was real heavy on the 12 step when I first got here and I went through what was Myrtles Recovery House and as a result I had some amazing people around me.

What happened was in 1989 I became a licensed contractor and opened the first licensed recovery home in West Sacramento. I then I ran transitional homes all throughout Sacramento and I always had 24 people in the houses. I figured that I got about 3/4 of $1 million invested in what I figured was God’s will because doing things my way never worked. So I got to not drink which was such a miracle for me that I’ve helped a lot I have people do just that, not drink.

I’m a lot older now and when I got this paper and I have the guitar out of the closet and I wrote the songs for the album it just wasn’t enough and I kept praying to God. One by one people kept coming to me talking about this and talking about that to the point where this little organization United Citizens for America is for every citizen in America. If we can unite enough will get a grip on our country that nobody can ever change. I don’t believe that’s really hard to do because what I say is, “If we’re not here to love and care for one another then why are we here?”

What you’ve got now is a lot of evil forces here in the world that don’t want Donald Trump alive that’s really sad to me as an American. To me Donald Trump is in the same shoes as John F. Kennedy, and I when they shot JFK I watched my mother cry for three days. That was terrible, I never really understood it.

This is the only home I’ve ever really had, my past is very colorful. I didn’t get to California on a winning streak, I was literally dying on the streets and Sacramento literally loved me back to life. I got to learn to live. That’s why the our paperwork says a program for the living.”

Ben: “Where are you from?”

Pat: “I was born in Pennsylvania then my parents took me to Miami when I was six months old”

Ben: “And then you grow up in Miami?”

Pat: “I grew up in Miami. In the summers when I was young my Mother would send me to her brothers place, to the farm, I would work on uncle Jack’s farm. I had an amazing family my uncle was on the same page about Kennedy, my mother double dated with the Kennedys. Same uncle played Broadway as Teddy Roosevelt is what I heard. My mother was Polish German and my dad was Irish. That’s what he was an Irish man.

I had amazing teachers you know what I mean. It’s the crazy things in life like getting suspended from school and hanging out with the janitor he would let me smoke in the janitors closet that’s why I was getting suspended. At 14 years, old enough! At 14 years old I was already working in two unions, the labor union and I was in the carpenters labor union so when they suspended me from school I just went to work.”

Ben: “At some point you got into some trouble?”

Pat: “Well they sent me to a trade school and I learn to play on the guitar there. Little by little there’s a lot of drugs there in Miami, the CIA was bringing in a lot of Coke, but you know I’ve done my share of psychedelics and I’veI see in the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show and I’ve seen how, whatever it is like our shadow government or whatever, it is has literally attacked a lot of musicians.

Ben: “An important reason why we have music is so musicians can express the truth”

Pat: “Hollywood is New World Order and I don’t know why people deal with them they are kind of like CNN.”

Ben: “There’s seems to be the status celebrity that’s just part of society, we as people like to look up to others for leadership and guidance. This can be misdirected where instead we begin idolizing other people and things. That’s why we really need to get our local musicians out because they are the ones that are telling the stories in our community and our society so we need to lift them up and give them exposure. We need to stay true to who we are in our community. People who have voices and stories, we want to make sure they are heard.”



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