Tracy Interviews Sacramento Photographer Ashlei B Photography

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Tracy Interviews Sacramento Photographer Ashlei Boucher Photography

Tracy: You’ve got to tell me about your photography, how did you get involved?

Ashlei: I’ve been doing photography since I was about 10 years old, someone handed me a camera and said, “Here, take my picture!”. Ever since then
I’ve been doing it.

Tracy: So, do you have any favorite type of photography and what are your favorite things to photograph?

Ashlei: Well, I love sports. I shoot a lot of equestirian, like horses. I do models, I hate weddings but I do them all the time. Usually professional
models and some amatuer.

Tracy: Are you doing editorial or high fashion?

Ashlei: Mostly high Fashion

Tracy: So tell me where you’re from

Ashlei: I was born and raised in San Diego and then moved to Central California for college and now I’m here.

Tracy: Were you inspired by anything in particular with photography?

Ashlei: To be honest, nothing in particular

Tracy: they gave you a camera and you went to work?

Ashlei: Pretty much, I taught myself how to manually use it

Tracy: What stands out most in photography to you?

Ashlei: I like the freedom of expression, without a lot of post editing.

Tracy: That sounds all natural, do you catch people off guard, do you do that type of photography as well?

Ashlei: Yeah I do. There’s definitely been a few going hiking taking pictures of people randomly. I went to
New York a couple years ago and accidentally caught someone proposing in one of my pictures.

Tracy: Aw, That has to be really special. So you catch people’s emotions. What would you tell someone, like a child,
that wanted to get into photography.

Ashlei: Never give up and try to upgrade your equipment as much as you can.

Tracy: Did you have to take any classes

Ashlei: No, I took a few for fun in college but I’m self taught.

Tracy: How can we reach you?

Ashlei: You can reach me at and my website is

Tracy: Before I let you go, I have to ask you another thing because this is what Dream with Tracy Focuses on.
It’s real special, I ask for dream wishes. It’s the dream that you wish to come true because I believe we all
have a dream we keep in our hearts. So do you have any dream that you wish to share or to come true?

Ashlei: It would be to shoot with national geographic

Tracy: That’s a good one, let’s see how we can make that happen National Geographic!

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