Why You Should Use Facebook To Collaborate With Your Team

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Time to catch up with the times if you’re still using email to collaborate with your team. In 2014, mobile traffic in the US surpassed desktop traffic. This means that not only should you be considerate of your businesses presentation from mobile devices more than desktop, but you should also consider how to leverage the fact that most people, including your team, are browsing the net on their phones, especially through social media.

Lots of small businesses are comprised of a small group of employees each busy working on their own tasks. In my experience, these small teams don’t really have time to sit down and collaborate on how to grow the business using social media. I don’t need to explain the importance of social media presence and engagement because it should be obvious, and it’s not the point of this article. You should be using Facebook, at the very least, to connect with your target market, generate social proof, and build your social lists.

The focus of this article however is to point out how much more productive and effective you and your team can be by collaborating on Facebook, especially Facebook chat. Facebook chat is an awesome way to collaborate especially when compared to other collaboration methods. Here’s a few reasons why Facebook chat works great for teams.

  • Saves all communication
  • Chat is searchable
  • Doesn’t take space on your phone
  • You can change notification settings
  • You can easily collaborate with multiple groups
  • You can share pictures, videos, audios and links
  • Content is available immediately or at your convenience
  • Content is available mobile, desktop, and across multiple devices

Your business will make leaps in progress by utilizing effective collaboration tools like Dropbox and Facebook. Email is slow, file sizes are limited, emails get missed or lost among the batch of daily emails we get. Google Drive although simple is confusing for most new users and Google is constantly changing the back end of their products. Collaborating via text is invasive to personal life and takes up space on your phone and none of those options make it very easy to collaborate.

Use the right tools to get the right results, save time and make progress faster by using Facebook chat!

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